EXOS Performance Specialist Certification


EXOS’ Performance Specialist Certification is designed to support those who support others as they strive for higher performance. This 24-hour online certification’s evidence-based, field-tested approach emphasizes the integration of our four pillars of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. Our goal is to help you take what you already know and what you’ll learn in these courses and provide a common system and language where all best practices can live.

  • 22 Presentations

    22 evidence-based presentations provide the testing, theory, and program design behind the EXOS training system (17+ hours).

  • 14 Practical Sessions

    14 on-field and in-the-gym practical sessions cover specific coaching strategies and cues for 215+ movements (6+ hours).

  • 1 Training System

    The EXOS training system covers Pillar Preparation, Movement Preparation, Plyometrics, Movement Skills, Medicine Ball, Strength and Power, Energy Systems Development, Nutrition, Regeneration.

  • Coaching Edge

    Coaching and motivation science presentations demonstrate how to optimize movement skill learning and transfer it to sport and life.

  • Proven Heritage

    EXOS has been supporting pro, elite, and tactical athletes, and the general population for over 15 years. This certification contains the proven systems to help develop any population across a diversity of environments.

  • Separate Yourself

    Upon successful completion of all coursework and the certification exam, you will be recognized as an EXOS-certified performance specialist (XPS).

"All trainers and coaches could benefit from this training. The quality and professionalism of the trainers can't be matched. The coaches that train the best professional athletes in the world are the same coaches that deliver the education program."

Woody Cox
Vice President
Pro Sports Club, USA

"After 21 years in the fitness industry and as an international fitness presenter, I will say this is the BEST continuing education course I have ever taken. Essential for any application in sports and fitness."

Scott Campbell
Wellness Director
Club Sport, Oregon

"This was the most incredible professional experience I have had in over twenty years in the field."

Christian Thompson
Evolutions Inc, USA

With over 15 years of experience supporting the world’s best coaches, trainers, and therapists, EXOS is proud to deliver an industry-evolving educational experience. We’d love the opportunity to support you and grow together. Join us and register today!